When God says Go – to Detroit

I first discovered Cru through some friends at Indiana University of Pennsylvania during my freshman fall semester, and through that, I decided to go to the regional winter conference. That’s where I was first introduced to summer projects and where I rededicated my life to Christ. When I went back to school, the opportunity of [...]

Surrender. That’s something I thought I had a pretty good handle on.

I thought that I was willing to go where He wanted me to go and do what He wanted me to do. After all, I surrendered my summer to Him when I decided to follow Him to North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Like most other students who went on a Summer Project this last summer, [...]

Working at the ‘Hart’ of Cru

This whole project is a sort of stepping stone in my journey with Christ. I’m hoping to grow closer to God and to expand my knowledge tremendously. I’m intentionally putting myself in new situations. We started training in evangelizing; I think it was an attempt to make us feel more comfortable. I have never been [...]

What They Can’t Say in the Classroom

A math professor told the audience of more than 100 students how God had sustained her through the slow death of her husband from lung cancer. A forestry professor spoke through tears about God’s comforting presence since her six-year-old daughter died in a tragic accident in January. A music professor related to the students how his inaccurate [...]