From an ordinary kid to a missionary going where God leads

I found myself in East Asia because that is where God called me to be. Three years ago I was a somewhat scared, somewhat cocky, high school senior in Wisconsin getting ready to begin college at the University of Montana. I arrived on campus with little thought about my spiritual life, let alone plans to [...]

“He did the same for me.” Lessons from Big Break

As many teenage girls do, the second I (Mattie, right) got to High School I became boy obsessed, and I experimented … a lot, with drinking and a wide variety of drugs. A lot of my High School days were spent partying between different groups, and waking up remembering nothing. Why?  I wanted other peoples’ [...]

Spring Break on a Mission

We arrived in Panama City Beach Saturday night, after a lovely 28 hour bus ride. Sunday was spent getting groceries, checking in, worshiping, praying, and learning more about what we were going to be doing.  Monday and Tuesday involved a morning of apologetics training, worship, and evangelism training; the afternoon was spent out on our current [...]