Cru’s mission starts on campus and extends to the world.  There are a million ways that God can use you, a million missions to be part of.  It’s just a matter of finding the work God has been preparing for you!

There are opportunities to be on mission where you live

And on mission where you work

If you’re not sure what’s next for you, consider connecting with other mission-minded grads in your area.
And read on for some tips on living missionally in a new context as you leave campus.

Desire a Kingdom-minded mentor?  

These mentors are CEOs, marketplace leaders, parents, teachers, coaches, doctors, professors, engineers, who are seasoned followers of Christ living out their faith where God has sent them who desire to help you do the same.  A mentor will challenge you to live a Godly live, share your faith in the workplace, and serve the body of Christ.

  • EDGE Mentoring equips recent graduates by pairing one mentor with 4 to 6 mentees who use the means of structure, technology, curriculum, and support to challenge each mentee. You will meet regularly with each other to invest in one another’s personal, professional, and spiritual growth. Learn more about what EDGE Mentoring has to offer.  Or contact Dave Neff  (call: 317.696.6016).
  • Alumni Connect connects recent grads to other recent grads, mentors recent grads in the transition to life after college, and establishes recent grads in community where they are.  Contact Gary Brown  (text or call: 814.933.8622).  Learn more about what they do and how they do it!